Groom Postpones Wedding After Learning Why Bride Asked His Daughter To Change Her Appearance

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The bride-to-be of this groom may have gone too far when what she said to his daughter led to the postponement of the wedding.

In order to get opinions on whether she was to blame for the wedding turmoil, his daughter turned to Reddit’s “r/AmItheA—hole” post.

Since her mother passed away eight years ago, the adolescent remarked, she and her dad have grown pretty close.

After hearing his mother talking about his daughter, a man refuses to allow his mother to attend his wedding.

I look just like her, same hair, same eyes—with the correct makeup, I resemble her exact face, the girl wrote.

It appears, though, that the bridegroom’s girlfriend didn’t enjoy the thought of his daughter looking like his previous wife.

In order to distinguish her daughter from her mother at the wedding, the groom’s fiancee requested that his daughter colour her hair.

The daughter, her grandma, and the fiancée of the groom went dress shopping one day.

The young woman chose a dress for the wedding and tried it on.

“It was an olive outfit that complemented my hair wonderfully (I’m ginger), they congratulated me, and my grandma commented that I looked like my mother because she wore that colour so often, just a tiny statement,” she added.

The bride-to-fiancee be’s remained silent at the time, but she later went to the daughter to apologise for her comment.

The girl stated, “Two days ago, my dad’s fiancée asked me if I was willing to colour my [hair] or wear a wig for the wedding.

The fiancee of the groom insisted because she didn’t want any of the wedding guests to say anything similar.

The dialogue came to an end when the adolescent firmly declined.

She told her father about it later and he postponed the wedding.

The girl left the couple’s home because she felt uncomfortable living there and temporarily moved in with her uncle.

The bride’s family was quite upset with the groom’s choice and accused his daughter of failing to comply with the bride’s request.

The adolescent added that this has happened previously and that it wasn’t the first time.

The bride and the groom’s daughter have a history of conflict.

The girl said, “She didn’t like that he offered the notion to me rather than just asking her and letting me find out/tell me jointly. She didn’t like the fact that I didn’t want to be in the wedding party, either.

She had intended to watch after her cousins while the wedding was being performed and to make a little speech to the couple.

Despite her joy at her father’s engagement, the kid didn’t feel a connection to or regard his girlfriend as a mother figure, which strained their relationship.

The adolescent continued, “I’d rather tell my dad and have him talk to her because sometimes when I attempt to talk to his fiancée about things I didn’t like or how it made me feel she treats me like a brat who wants her way.

She was reassured by Reddit users that she was not at all to blame for what occurred.

She made a highly ridiculous request because of her insecurities and jealousy toward your mother, according to one user. The wedding should be postponed for the time being because she has some issues to resolve.

Don’t allow your dad commit the biggest error of his life, someone else wrote. She will sever your relationship with your father if she is bold enough to ask you that and treat you that way.

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