Nobody Has Claimed the $1.3B Mega Millions Ticket Sold in Illinois. Might the Winner at any point Remain Anonymous?

Last month, a rural Chicago gas station sold somebody a fortunate, record-breaking Mega Millions jackpot ticket, worth $1.34 billion. However, almost 30 days after the fact, Illinois lottery authorities have not said that a victor has approached.

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“We don’t know whether they even realize that they won an award,” Harold Mays, head of the Illinois Department of the Lottery said on July 30 – – on one occasion after the triumphant ticket was sold. “Thus, I urge everyone to really take a look at your ticket.”

Illinois Lottery Officials have not made any further declarations about the award.

As indicated by authorities, after a ticket is won, the Illinois Lottery urges the victor to sign the rear of their ticket, look for legitimate guidance and make a meeting with the Illinois Lottery to guarantee their award.

And keeping in mind that the victor has a year from the date of attract to guarantee their rewards, Illinois Lottery authorities say Illinois champs of $250,000 or more can decide to not deliver their names.

Laborers at the gas station, situated at 885 E. Touhy Ave., have declined to express their viewpoints on the enormous payday given out at their area. As per authorities, the corporate gas station chain will get a half-million dollar reward for selling the triumphant ticket.

The triumphant numbers for the greatest award in state history — and second greatest ever in the U.S. — were 13-36-45-57-67, with a Mega Ball of 14.

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