Prince William Asked Harry and Meghan to Honor the Queen With Him and Catherine

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Princes William and Harry, along with their wives Meghan Markle and Catherine, the future Princess of Wales, made an appearance as a foursome on Saturday at Windsor Castle to accept tributes and well wishes for the first time in more than two years. According to People, Prince William, who is officially the Prince of Wales and the heir to the throne, reportedly invited Meghan and Harry to attend the event because he thought it would be “an vital show of togetherness at an extraordinarily difficult time for the family.”

All four donned black to remember the Queen, who died on Thursday at the age of 96 in Balmoral, Scotland. As they took flowers and other gifts from the spectators outside Windsor Castle on behalf of their family, the princes and their wives were visibly moved. In the midst of the sea of flowers and sorrow presents outside Windsor Castle, the four people walked closely together, with Meghan and Harry holding hands. They also exchanged touching tributes.

Since Harry and Meghan’s decision to leave the senior royal family and emigrate to the US in early 2020, the once-close brothers have gone through a public and dramatic falling out. Harry admitted that his relationship with William was currently in “space” during the couple’s 2021 appearance on Oprah, adding, “I adore William to pieces. Despite the fact that we have shared experience and have both been through hell, our paths are not the same.

While Harry and Meghan apparently weren’t planning on seeing one other during this trip until the princes’ grandmother, the Queen, passed away, it appears that Prince William felt it was vital to reach out to Harry and Meghan as the future King. Although Harry and Meghan’s most recent trip to the UK was in May to honour the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, the trio did not appear together at that time.

A variety of things made the day significant for Prince William. On Saturday morning, William witnessed his father being crowned monarch in addition to the prince and his wife issuing their first remark on the Queen’s passing. William noted: “I’ll miss her and I’ll be sad, but I’m also very grateful. Up until my fifth decade, I had access to The Queen’s knowledge and assurance. She’s been advising and supporting my wife for twenty years. She has allowed me to give my three kids the opportunity to spend the holidays with her and make lifelong memories.”

“She was at my side during my most joyful times. She also stood by my side during some of my most difficult times. It may take some time before the reality of life without Grannie is completely true, but I knew this day would come.” “I will honour her memory by helping my father, The King, in whatever way I can,” he continued.

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