The Truth About Kristen Stewart’s Sexuality

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Kristen Stewart has made it abundantly obvious throughout her time in the spotlight how uncomfortable she is with fame. As a matter of fact, the actor, who rose to fame after portraying Bella Swan in the “Twilight” series, famously admitted to Harper’s Bazaar UK that “Fame is the worst thing in the world.” Stewart, who frequently displays signs of discomfort on red carpets and in interviews, elaborated, “Having that much human energy thrown at you and then being severely evaluated is obviously unnerving.”

Stewart has been acting since she was a young child, landing notable parts in films including “Panic Room” and “Zathura: A Space Adventure” (via IMDb). Stewart’s interest in weirder material, primarily in indie films, after the success of “Twilight” sparked more rumours. She firmly stated to IndieWire, “It irritates me when people wonder, “Oh, is this the job where she’s going to show everyone how she’s grown?” I’m not attempting to demonstrate anything to anyone.”

Stewart has come in for more criticism over her supposed sexual relationships, despite the fact that her job has received and always will receive a lot of attention. Years after the fact, Stewart finally discussed her romance with Robert Pattinson in “Twilight.” She is somewhat more approachable, nevertheless, when it comes to her sexuality.

The ‘Twilight’ Star Isn’t Confused About Her Sexuality

When Kristen Stewart served as host of “Saturday Night Live,” she gave a humorous monologue on how enamoured former President Donald Trump was of their relationship with Robert Pattinson. Stewart remarked, “I’m, like, so homosexual, guy,” towards the conclusion of the conversation. The “Personal Shopper” actor unintentionally became the LGBTQ+ community’s face simply by virtue of her decision to be open about her attraction to women, as The Guardian notes.

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Although she acknowledged that things are changing but that there is still a long way to go, the performer, who is typically shy, declined to accept credit for anything other than being unashamedly herself. Stewart spoke boldly, confirming once and for all where she stands, “If you’re bisexual, you’re not confused. It’s not at all unclear. It’s the complete opposite for me.” The actor added that her hesitation to come out had nothing to do with shame in a later interview with The Mirror.

“I was fine. I was one way for a long time and I was not a different way once I started dating other people. Unless you say the words, because words matter, you’re not fully out yet,” Stewart said, adding that it was confusing for other people. However, the “Crimes of the Future” star admitted to Harper’s Bazaar UK that it hasn’t always been easy, with Stewart being advised to keep her sexuality a secret to land bigger roles. She naturally refused to do so.

Kristen Stewart Was Dying To Marry Her Long-Time Partner

Kristen Stewart is no longer shy about expressing who she is and who she loves. However, Stewart admitted to InStyle that she was “immediately” asked if she was a lesbian when the actor first began seeing women in public. Being only 21 years old at the time, she needed time to process everything on her own before making any sort of definitive claims, including being a spokesman for the queer community.

“I was not shy about showing who I was. I was going out every day knowing that my affectionate interactions with my partner would be captured on camera, but I didn’t want to talk about it “The ex-child star clarified. Thankfully, “Now I relish it. I adore the notion that anything I do effortlessly rubs off on someone else who is having a hard time. That is great stuff!” After dating screenwriter Dylan Meyer for two years, Stewart proposed to her in November 2021.

As the “Twilight” star eagerly tells People, “I wanted to be proposed to, so I think I really precisely etched out what I wanted and she nailed it. She performed pretty well, and it was really cute. Our marriage is actually taking place.” Stewart has finally found support to ease her discomfort in the spotlight after years of feeling alone at red carpet events.

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